DQMS-Web - Sales Management

DQMS-Web Features


Full DMS and CAP Integration – seamless plug-in that allows you to look-up customers, save quotes, add follow-ups and record sales. The perfect add-on for any dealership who process orders.

Quote Management

Start-to finish – create fleet quotes in minutes and duplicate them effortlessly. Easy to input dealer discounts, FFO’s DFA’s from drop-downs and produce professional branded quotes.


View sales figures across the department, track by all filters such as type – see discounts – profitability and spot any errors in processing easily. DQMS helps dealerships run smoothly and properly.

Read a DQMS-Web Case Study - Allen Ford UK

This solution is already being used by large dealerships in the UK, including Allen Ford UK, who operate over 25 dealerships across the South East.The DQMS-Web solution meets their key requirements and allows them to operate highly effectively, providing an excellent sales process for their customers.

Optional Extras

CAP Integration

Full integration of CAP related services allows users to build full quotes based on live manufacturer pricing and available factory fitted options in minutes.

Website, CRM & Outlook Integration

Quotes can include live pricing from a web page; CRM updates; Mailchimp remarketing; delivery scheduling; Outlook reminders; real-time management reporting and custom dashboard.

Download DQMS Data Sheet

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Enhanced Fleet Quotes and Order Management

DQMS-Web is preconfigured to ensure a speedy and professional approach to quote building. Working with any existing DMS, DQMS allows staff to quickly create orders – working through a stepped process which includes Factory-Fitted Options (FFO’s) and Dealer Fitted Accessories (DFA’s) with the option to duplicate orders for multiple purchases.

DQMS also helps sales staff properly manage any discounts and gives visibility of any bonuses as well as profits per vehicle for management. All screens within the solution are designed to ensure the right processes are followed and the correct information is given to customers.

See What’s Really Going On

DQMS has a fully customisable dashboard allowing Sales Executives and Senior Management to track performance, including KPI tracking.

Integrating directly with all Car Dealership Management Solutions (DMS), the DQMS solution also allows the creation of unique task-based goals for an order or customer. Dashboards are linked with permissions, meaning Senior Management can setup their views to track team or district sales and individuals can monitor their own progress and targets.

Transfer to a Powerful New Platform Today

Please note that DQMS can be used a lightweight DMS solution by itself, with secure contact management and sales chain management.

It also allows full options for fleet sales management. 

Per User

per month
(minimum 10 licences)

Minimum 6 month term
1 year

per year
10 licences

Includes full UK Support
3 year

per year
25 licences

Includes Full UK Support

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