Image Manager - Automotive Photo Upload App

Image Manager Features


Take car images on phone or tablet app. Easily configured to ensure consistency with correct approval process.


Upload directly to Cloud Portal, allowing Sales teams to access images directly and approve them immediately


Sales Teams can instantly access and use images on their desktop. User Uploads and tracking for mobile app devices. 

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Improving Automotive Photo Management

When considering Car, Van and other vehicle sales, one of the key factors beyond simply price are images. Having professional images and consistent views of vehicles on a website can drastically increase the sales which a website can generate. Additionally having the ability to quickly and easily send all images associated with a car to a customer directly can make a sale much smoother. 

Easy-to-use Mobile App

The powerful mobile app is designed to be simple to use in the field with little or no training required.

It has a number of options including managing images for multiple clients (perfect for valeting companies) or location (for larger dealerships). Picture taking can be optimised to ensure consistency by adding notes about where the image should be taken and image groups are uploaded instantly with a single click. The image tool also has multiple options such as cropping, changing brightness or contrast. It also allows video capture if you prefer to upload videos to your website.

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