For almost twenty years Kevin James Ltd (or KJL for short) have been managing IT services for UK-based Automotive Dealerships. During that time, we have developed the aim of ensuring real-time protection of business revenue by establishing strong, dependable technology within business. We deliver well designed, highly effective and operationally superior Autmotive Software Solutions and Mobile Apps. We also providing dependable front-line IT support for users across all of these areas and technical consultation for our customers.

Helping You Achieve More

As Automotive Software Specialists (who work with many car dealerships), we have full knowledge of  setups, software solutions (DMS and Dealer Systems).
We also provide direct support for CDK Rev 8 and Autoline Drive and integration services that can fulfill a wide range or requirements.

The KJL Automotive Team

Kevin James - Managing Director
Kevin is the Founder and Managing Director at KJL Autmotive, where he leads Commercial Strategy and Business Direction. Kevin is a highly experienced Business Leader and Software Developer, adept at helping businesses maintain high standards of excellence through software, especially during periods of growth and expansion. Kevin oversees a number of ongoing projects within our customer’s business – such as migrating in-house services to KJL’s powerful hosted platforms and helping clients achieve goals focused within a particular arena.
Greg French - Operations Director
Greg is the Operations Director at KJL Automotive, where he leads technical strategy, hosting and networking. Greg is a fully qualified and highly experienced Microsoft specialist. He oversees a number of customer installations from start-to-finish and oversees large scale IT projects, including the migration of customers to IT Solutions within the Cloud. Greg also oversees the latest patching of security updates onto our hosted platforms.
Steve Chapman - Network Architect/Analyst
Steve is a Network Architect/Analyst at KJL Automotive, where he oversees creation of firewall, web-monitoring and perimeter security measures. Steve is a fully qualified and highly experienced Microsoft support engineer. He manages bespoke networking and firewall setups, including real-time monitoring and virus protection. He is also involved in large scale IT project rollouts and building security setups for new customers. Steve also conducts remote user support, working with customers to quickly find and resolve any issues they may be experiencing.
Mike Lilley - Kerridge / Autoline Specialist
Mike is a Kerridge and Autoline Support Specialist at KJL Automotive, where he oversees integration of Kerridge Commercial Systems, CDK Rev 8 and Autoline Drive within KJL Solutions. Mike is a fully qualified and highly experienced Kerridge Support Engineer. He supports queries and issues across the full range of features and ensures an effective setup for backups depending on company size. Mike also conducts remote user support, working with customers to quickly find and resolve any issues they may be experiencing.


Colin Rate
Chairman - RatesFord
Kevin James Ltd respond to our business needs and I would happily recommend their services to any business considering bringing in new IT solutions or outsourcing their IT support.
Richard Arnold
Fleet / CV Sales Director - Allen Ford UK
KJL are conscientious and focused. They are also clear at communicating when and how any problems will be fixed, which really helps when when issues occur at stressful or busy times.
Lee Sheldrick
Finance Director - OCL
The determination of KJL to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly solution that met all of our needs, on time and to budget, was excellent. Highly recommended!

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